Tax Preparation and Filing Services


Tax Preparation: Our primary function is to prepare federal and state tax returns year round for individuals, businesses, and partnerships. Whatever tax form or state is needed, we can complete it! Also, see us for prior year returns or amendments.

Electronic Filing: We offer electronic filing for federal tax returns and most state returns whether we prepare the returns ourselves or the client brings in a prepared tax return. Direct deposit of refunds to a personal bank account for both federal and state refunds is available.

Bank Refund Transfers: Refund Transfers are electronic filing with the convenience of all fees being deducted from your refund. This is a great option for any customer who is not able to afford the tax preparation up front but still wants to have us prepare their tax return. You can opt to receive a paper check or have your refund deposited to your bank account directly.

Additional Services: We are available year round to answer tax questions, respond to government notices, or estimate tax liability for changes to income or changing life events such as marriage, additional dependents, or an inheritance.

Pledge of Confidentiality: Our firm maintains the strictest confidence concerning our client’s affairs. Rest assured that the client’s tax status or any client discussions are never shared outside our office.


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